Products and Services


To assist organizations with problem solving or visioning the future of their organization. This includes:

  • Community/organizational engagement
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Assistance with challenging conversations


Sunday is very open to all thoughts of participants. She encouraged participation and feedback

Meeting Facilitation


  • Leadership – What leadership is and what is required to be an effective leader
  • Governance – How to effectively govern an organization in order to achieve organizational excellence
  • African Nova Scotian History – Providing education to groups regarding the history of the indigenous¬† people of African ancestry in Nova Scotia
  • Personal and Professional Development – Identifying individual strengths and learning the skills necessary to be accomplished in one’s chosen area of endeavour


Sunday Miller is a joy to watch and listen to, I was impressed with her presentation. She was able to impart her everyday skills and I felt her presentation gave us clues on how to meet and seize the day. She was great!

Organizational Development

This could cover a number of topics from, how to structure the organization to, looking for new opportunities for growth. This would include such things as the following:

  • The creation of new positions
  • Identification of new partnerships to support the new venture
  • Creation of policies and procedures
  • Strategic planning

Spiritual Growth

As a person thinks so is he. Or another way of looking at this is that our health and prosperity depend upon the health of our soul ( our mind, emotions, thinking processes, etc.) This unseen part of us has a huge impact on our achievements, therefore, I recognize the importance of assisting with the spiritual part of man as well as the logical. The spiritual growth could include the following:

  • Bible studies
  • Assisting people with identifying their giftings
  • Assisting people with defining their purpose
  • Helping them write their mission statement
  • Helping them to create a short term life plan