GODSun Philosophy

The CEO of GODSun & Associates Consulting, Sunday Miller, identifies herself as a builder. A builder of organizations and people. Her aim is twofold:

  1. To assist people in being the best that they can be so that they can live the life that they have dreamed of living and,
  2. To support organizations in going from good to great so that they can achieve stellar results based on their stated mission and vision.

Ms. Miller achieves these objectives through employing a servant leadership process. The foundation of the servant leadership process is the understanding that the higher the position one achieves the more one has to be prepared to serve. The servant leader knows and understands that in order to be effective in serving one has to be committed to helping others. Be willing to listen and understand where they are coming from and what they want to accomplish. A servant leader is continuously learning and growing and changing. This type of leader recognizes the importance of people skills and the need for continuous improvement in this area. Ms. Miller recognizes that she is on the path of servant leadership and that she still has a lot to learn but she is willing to use what she has learned for the benefit of herself and others.